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zodiac_icons's Journal

Zodiac LJ Icons <3
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Welcome to Zodiac Icons, a community for sharing just those very things. ^_^ I intend this community to mostly be here for public display, with the occasional post, but I could be wrong. On top of posting icons there is a pretty fine size list of links to sites about different zodiacs.

Wondering where to start? Navigate with the memories.

Looking to post your own icons? Request posting access here. Normal rules apply, more than three icons should be under a cut. You can also link to your journal entry if you post previews. All icons should be zodiac-related, unless you are pointing people to your own journal. Then you can get away with the 5+ zodiac-related icons. ;D

Looking to post someone else's icons? Heck, get their permission and I'll post them for you. (With obvious credit to the maker of course) Please do not post any icons with the phrase "I'm not sure where these came from". You should know where they came from and have the owners permission before posting. Let me know here!

Looking to use icons? Feel free! You don't even need to join, though you can if you want to. Just make sure to credit the user or zodiac_icons.

(formerly animeicon)